Mimi Katano is a Resident Alien. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she came to the US at the age of 15 to attend boarding school (with nuns!) and never left. After high school in California she moved to Boston to pursue training and a career in American theatre. Now with two degrees, a command of English (ish) and maintaining her mother tongue (ish) Mimi has forged a career, acquiring skills and life experience in directing, choreography, performing, and producing.  


While Mimi’s first love is the American musical, her passion has expanded to other forms of theatre. Mimi is drawn to works that involve strong ensembles and physical expression, collaborating  with like-minded artists to tell stories in a safe, playful environment. She also looks to help raise the next generation of artists and arts patrons who are confident, empathetic, creative thinkers.  Mimi firmly believes in the power of theatre to transform and connect people and has dedicated her life to it, which is far beyond what she envisioned at 15 when her journey began.

Still firmly connected to her birth country, Mimi travels to Japan to visit her family and childhood friends twice a year and continuously looks for opportunities to be the bridge between her two cultures. She is forever grateful to her parents who broke the mold of Japanese parenting and let her go at such a young age and hopes to honor the wish they had for her in her work.

Above all, Mimi feels her biggest accomplishment is her role of being a partner and a mother to endlessly compassionate, weird, and funny people.  

For her lighthearted bi-cultural perspective, please enjoy her blog, Don’t Put Chopsticks in Your Hair.